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My art celebrates aspects of human life through observations, discoveries, realizations, and experiences.  I often present those aspects of human life through dichotomies like hope versus despair.  For I see the division as coexisting, one dependent upon the other, and both essential for the success of the content portrayed.  How could one ever really know hope without despair, or tell a story of the nauseating sickness of losing love without first describing what it was like to have tasted it?  I have an allegorical artistic style that uses both personal and cultural iconography and blends historical art practices with experimental appearances.  Such appearances like combing representational, abstract, and nonrepresentational forms within the same work of art.  For I see those appearances, not as separate, but as a means to the same end… an entertaining form of creative communication.  It is a visual language, and I do my best speaking in it.  I see my art as existing always in the present, while recalling the past, and looking toward the future.  It is a metaphor in which my message is conveyed, where the “like” or “as” is the cultivation of understanding, and the hope in creating it is that it is not just entertaining, but helps others understand, as well.  


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